Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Budleigh Salterton Ladies Choir Spring Concert 2018

Pictured from top left, clockwise, William Byrd, Sir Walter, Thomas Tallis, Andrew Millington, Henry VIII, Bob Chilcott

Two pieces with words by Sir Walter Raleigh, set to music by distinguished modern composers, will be performed at a concert in Budleigh this Saturday.

The town’s Ladies Choir is being joined by Pieces of Eight, members of the Exeter-based St David’s Singers, who will also be performing musical items from the 16th and 17th centuries.   

The pieces include:
‘Pastime with good company’ by Henry VIII
‘Ave verum’ by William Byrd
‘Come again!’ by John Dowland
‘Fair Phyllis’ by John Farmer
‘If ye love me’ by Thomas Tallis

Two additional pieces are Raleigh’s celebrated poem ‘Even such is time’ set to music by Bob Chilcott and ‘Give me my scallop shell of quiet’ by Andrew Millington.

Pieces of Eight was formed directly as a result of the Walter Raleigh theme to the Ladies Choir concert, and will be wearing appropriate costumes! 

The Ladies Choir will be singing a number of pieces relating to the sea and travel including:

‘The Rolling Sea’ (by Madeline Chase and Eric Harding Thiman)
‘Blow the Wind Southerly’ (Northumbrian folk song, arranged by John Clements)
‘The Ship That Never Returned’ (English folk song)
‘Rolling Down to Rio’ (Rudyard Kipling and Edward German)
‘The Ships of Arcady’ (Francis Ledwidge and Michael Head)

‘And a few more with regal, Shakespearean or Raleigh links,’ I’m told.

Sir Walter will be delighted.

The concert, on Saturday 21 April in the Temple Methodist Church, Budleigh Salterton, begins at 7.30 pm.  Tickets £8.00 (including refreshments) will be available on the door.

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