Tuesday, 18 September 2018

A Raleigh 400 Westminster Lecture: ‘The Life and Times of Sir Walter Raleigh’

Following on from the Symposium ‘Sir Walter Raleigh beyond England’ on 29 October there will be a lecture, ‘The Life and Times of Sir Walter Raleigh’ by Dr Mark Nicholls, of St John’s College, Cambridge from 6.30 – 7.30 pm.

Dr Nicholls’ publications include several analyses of conspiracies and state trials in Tudor and Stuart times, as well as studies of ‘succession politics’ at the death of Queen Elizabeth I and Raleigh’s political career. He was co-author with Penry Williams of Sir Walter Raleigh: in Life and Legend (2011).

Tickets: To book tickets (free), visit the Eventbrite website

An exhibition 'Sir Walter Raleigh and Virginia' will run from 
Monday 28 October – Wednesday 31 October:
Free entry. 
For opening times, please see www.westminster-abbey.org


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