Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Potato quiz 1

This Raleigh 400 blog could include absolutely anything related to Sir Walter – as long as he would approve. I don’t know whether he was the first to introduce potatoes to Britain – but I think he would enjoy this Potato Quiz.

Feel free to use it anywhere you like.

If anyone wants to send me a Tobacco Quiz, great!

So here are 20 questions: multiple choice, so everyone has a chance.   

1. Which artist was responsible for the 1885 painting ‘The Potato Eaters’?
a. Manet  b.Cezanne  c.Van Gogh d.Gauguin

2. Which Italian pasta dish uses potatoes?
a.osso buco  b.spaghetti c.carbonara d.gnocchi

3. Which Scottish dish uses potatoes
a.mealie puddings  b.porridge c.Cullen skink  d.stovies

4. Which Irish dish uses potatoes?
a.Barmbrack b.Colcannon c.White pudding d.Goody

5. Which French dish uses potatoes?
a.Cassoulet  b.Piperade  c.Garbure  d.Hachis Parmentier

6. Which of these is a variety of potato?
a.Blue swede  b.Red turnip  c.Green onion  d.Yellow oyster

7. Which of these pests do potato farmers fear?
a.Arizona worm b.Oregon mite  c.Colorado beetle  d.Virginia moth? 

8. How many varieties of potato are there?
a.7,000?  b.1,500  c.300  d.4,000

9. How many meals each year in the UK are served using potatoes?
a.20.5 billion  b.5.0 million  c.8.5 billion  d. 30.0 million

10. Which of the following is a type of potato?
a.Maris Piper  b.Royal Sovereign  c.Black Knight  d.Red Angel

11. A couch potato is
a.a type of person  b.a type of couch  
c.a type of potato  d.none of these.

12. What other vegetable is related to the potato?
a.cabbage  b.aubergine c.turnip  d.onion

13. Which of the following is a type of potato?
a.King Henry  b.King James  c.King Edward  d.King George

14. How many hectares of British farmland are used for potato growing each year?
a.500,000  b.110,000  c.268,000  d.62,000

15. In which 19th century decade did the Irish potato famine occur?
a.1820s  b. 1830s  c.1870s  d.1840s

16. Of what nationality are the members of the rock band Potato?
a.American  b.Latvian  c.Thai  d.Nigerian

17. Which British actor starred in the 2009/2010 film ‘Spud’?
a.Jason Statham  b.Rowan Atkinson  c.John Cleese  d.Jeremy Irons.

18. Which name would you associate with a celery, apple and potato salad?
a.Montgomery  b.Astor  c.Churchill  d.Waldorf 

19. Who said: My idea of heaven is a great big baked potato and someone to share it with?
a.Oprah Winfrey b. Eddie Murphy  c. Whoopi Goldberg 
d. Goldie Hawn 
20. Which explorer claimed to have survived by eating potatoes?
a.Ernest Shackleton   b.Sir Ranulph Fiennes  c.Sir Francis Chichester  
d. Wilfred Thesiger

Your score:
20-17: You’re obviously a potato farmer
16-10: You eat an average amount of potatoes
10-5: You need to eat more potatoes   
5-0: You’re no better than a Potato Head. 


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