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RALEIGH 400: A Calendar of Events in 2018

There have been or will be events in these places in 2018 to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of Sir Walter Raleigh. This list can be amended at any time. Just send an email to
If you would like to organise an event and want me to add it to the list, get in touch! Why not organise 
an event, especially if you live in the West of England or North Carolina - do let me know about it, and send photos.

Bath, Somerset
Budleigh Salterton, Devon
Chapel Hill NC, USA
East Budleigh, Devon
Exeter, Devon
Exmouth, Devon
Ipswich, Suffolk
Frome, Somerset
Raleigh, NSW, Australia
Sherborne, Dorset
Sidmouth, Devon

You will find it interesting to see how the 300th anniversary of Sir Walter's death was marked in 1918, mainly in London, but also in Exeter.

In October 2018 I decided to update this page by adding relevant photos to all the items in this Raleigh 400 calendar. 

Monday 1 January
Object of the Month: the statue of Sir Walter in his home village of East Budleigh, Devon


Why Raleigh? 
Four centuries after his death, the multi-talented Sir Walter still fascinates. Simply as one of Britain's great explorers he's admired. 

A view of Sir Walter Raleigh: 
Benedict Allen  FRGS
Author, environmentalist, film-maker, international motivational speaker:  

'Having read about him since childhood, and then negotiating the Orinoco myself, and over the years visiting his house and by contrast his room in the Tower of London, reading his poems and thinking of his dreams, fulfilled or not, I feel such an attachment to this hugely intelligent, gloriously daring and yet highly sensitive man.'   (September 2018)

You can read more about what people have said about Sir Walter at


Budleigh Salterton's Ralegh scholar

Installation of Blue Plaque in honour of Ralegh scholar Dr T.N. Brushfield (1828-1910) at his house 'The Cliff' on Cliff Road, Budleigh Salterton. 

You can read about Dr Brushfield at


'Devon Boy, 1590'

Lympstone History Society published Jenny Moon’s story of 16th century Devon village life and fishing in Newfoundland. The book fits in neatly into the Raleigh 400th anniversary year, especially as Ralph Lane, one of Sir Walter’s captains on the 1585 attempt to colonise Roanoke Island, North Carolina, is said to have come from Lympstone. Born around 1530 he died in 1603.  More information at


Raleigh 400 at Budleigh Salterton Library

Budleigh Salterton Library presented a Raleigh 400 Library book display, based on all the books in stock relating to Sir Walter and his times. More detail at


A Raleigh Brut sparkling wine for the 400th anniversary

Lily Farm Vineyard, in the hamlet of Knowle, near Budleigh Salterton, launched its Raleigh Brut sparkling wine


'Pommes Raleigh' for Sir Walter's 400th

Food stylist and food writer Rukmini Iyer designed her ‘Pommes Raleigh’ potato dish in honour of Sir Walter. Find the recipe at  

Rukmini's website is at


 Thursday 1 February

Object of the Month: Hayes Barton, etching by Francis Kelly (1927-2012)

You can read about the artist at


Thursday 1 February
A new biography of Raleigh

'Sir Walter Raleigh' by Maria Wingfield Digby was published by Pitkin, 1 February.  
Note from the publisher: 'Pitkin is proud to introduce the tale of one man's ascent from relatively humble origins to international legend. To many, Walter Raleigh was a pirate, traitor, scholar, coloniser, explorer, soldier, poet, adventurer, scientist, cartographer, botanist, fashionista and Favourite of a queen. He is credited with introducing tobacco and potatoes to England. Although not everything he did resulted in success, his exploits never lacked ambition or self-confidence. He left his mark on England, parts of Europe and America.
The author's family own Sherborne Castle, built by Raleigh in 1594.' 


Sunday 11 February  2.00 pm Sherborne, Dorset: A Raleigh Ramble

A Talk by Blue Badge Guide Cindy Chant, in the town where Raleigh built his castle


Thursday 22 February 7.30 pm Lympstone History Society presents 'The History of Clay Pipes', a talk by Charlotte Coles

Above: A Sir Walter Raleigh pipe

Smoking and politics in the 17th century! This was not really the subject of a talk presented by Lympstone History Society, but the aftermath of Sir Walter Raleigh's execution and its political background made for interesting reading. 



Friday 23 February 6.30-7.30 pm National Portrait Gallery, London:  'Amor et virtute'

'“Amor et virtute”: a portrait in song of Walter Raleigh' 
Soprano Gillian Gingell Wormley joined lutenist Din Ghani, founder of the group Musicke in the Ayre, for their 6th appearance at the National Portrait Gallery in a programme marking the 400th anniversary of the death of Sir Walter Raleigh. As well as songs based on his poetry, they included some associated with other significant personages (Queen Elizabeth, the Earl of Essex, Prince Henry to name a few) and with the New World that he was fascinated with.
Entry free.  
Information about Musicke in the Ayre at
Gillian Wormley's website is at


Thursday 1 March
Object of the Month: Vicar's Mead, 
East Budleigh


Thursday 1 March: Raleigh 400 ale featured in the Devonshire magazine

The imminent launch of a Raleigh 400 ale brewed by Dartmoor-based Black Tor Brewery was featured in the March/April edition of the Devonshire magazine. Pictured above in the photo are Michael Downes, landlady Sally Miller of the Sir Walter Raleigh pub in East Budleigh and Black Tor Brewery proprietor and Budleigh Salterton resident Jonathon Crump.


Friday 30 March:  Sherborne Castle & Gardens, Dorset stages its new exhibition, ‘Sir Walter Raleigh and Sherborne’

Find out more about the Dorset home that Raleigh loved at



Sunday 1 April 
Object of the Month: 
The Fairlynch 1570s replica chalice

You can read more about the importance of the chalice and church ornaments in Raleigh's time at


Tuesday 3 April: 2018 Sherborne Walks started

Above: Cindy Chant with the statue of Sir Walter in his home village of East Budleigh

Cindy Chant, Blue Badge guide and Sir Walter Raleigh enthusiast started her 2018 programme of walks around the historic town of Sherborne 


Monday 16 April,7.30 pm Masonic Hall, Budleigh Salterton: Exmouth & Budleigh Salterton Anglo-French Society presented a Raleigh 400 talk in French   

‘Notre grand Elisab├ęthain’- Talk in French by Michael Downes   Photo of Michael Downes by Christine Chittock

I enjoy presenting unexpected angles of Sir Walter's story to audiences. Did you know that he fought for the Huguenots in France? And that just over a century after his birth, his home village of East Budleigh had a Frenchman as its vicar? A Huguenot refugee! I was inspired to write a poem about him. See


Wednesday 18 April, 6.30 pm  Peter Hall, Budleigh Salterton: A Raleigh 400 talk for the Chamber of Commerce 

Budleigh Salterton Chamber of Commerce AGM included  'The Boyhood of Raleigh' by Sir John Everett Millais and our Great Elizabethan’ - Talk by Michael Downes
Photo of the speaker as 'Sir Walter' by Christine Chittock

I enjoy presenting unexpected angles of Sir Walter's story to audiences. Forget the 'spuds and ciggies'! Raleigh made a discovery in 1595 on the island of Trinidad of something which makes road journeys all over the world more comfortable. 
You can read about it at


Saturday 21 April, 7.00 pm  Public Hall, Budleigh Salterton: 'Silly Billy' featured a famous contemporary of Sir Walter 

Prior Commitment presented ‘Silly Billy – A Celebration of Shakespeare’.  From the pen of local writer Steve Andrews, the charity show, benefiting Brian Tumour Support, was described as ‘a (very) lighthearted evening with William Shakespeare’ with ‘songs, sketches, dances and a simple quiz’.  


Saturday 21 April  7.30 pm in the Temple Methodist Church, Budleigh Salterton: Raleigh was remembered in song

Above: The Temple Methodist Church
Budleigh Salterton Ladies Choir Spring Concert: Sir Walter was remembered with a nautical theme to some items on the programme 
Tickets at £8.00 included refreshments.


Tuesday 24 April, 7.00 pm East Budleigh Village Hall: East Budleigh with Bicton Annual Parish Meeting heard Sir Walter's story 


Photo of 'Sir Walter' with ruff coming a bit adrift at The Raleigh Wall, Budleigh Salterton 

Fairlynch Museum trustee Michael Downes gave a short talk 'Our Great Elizabethan’. 


Tuesday 1 May
Object of the Month: 
An All Saints' Church bench end

Read more about a particular bench end in All Saints' Church at


Tuesday 1 May: Raleigh 400 in the Devonshire magazine 

A feature on Sir Walter Raleigh by contributor John Fisher was published in the May/June issue of the Devonshire Magazine.


Wednesday 2 May 
Fairlynch Museum wins 
National Lottery support

Fairlynch Museum received £15,400 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for Raleigh 400.  
For the details see


Friday 4 May: Black Tor Brewery, Christow: 'Sir Walter' checks on his ale 

Read the Great Elizabethan's account of his visit to Dartmoor-based Black Tor Brewery to inspect the brewing process involved in making Raleigh 400 ale.


 Friday 18 May, The Devon County Show, Westpoint, Exeter

'Sir Walter' betook himself to the Devon County Show at the invitation of the Devonshire magazine, and spent there many a jolly hour.  

Find out what he got up to at


Friday 25 May, Sir Walter Raleigh, East Budleigh: the launch of Raleigh 400 ale

Photos and story at


Friday 25 May: Fairlynch Museum, Budleigh Salterton, sees return of 'The Boyhood'


'The Boyhood of Raleigh' returns to the town where it was first painted in 1870 by Sir John Everett Millais. This would be the third time that the painting had been exhibited in Budleigh since the opening of the Museum in 1967.  


Friday 25 May: Fairlynch Museum, Budleigh Salterton, welcomes BBC Spotlight

BBC Spotlight journalist Johnny Rutherford was at the Museum to film the painting's arrival and interview 'Sir Walter' about its importance. Filming took place in the Museum and at the Raleigh Wall on Budleigh beach, where Sir John Millais set his painting. 

More photos at


Friday 25 May  Manteo, North Carolina USA: 'The Lost Colony' 2018 opened

The show is based on events in 1587, when 117 English men, women, and children came ashore on Roanoke Island to establish a permanent English settlement in the New World. It was a venture initiated by Sir Walter Raleigh.  



Saturday 26 May Budleigh Salterton: Budleigh Lions chose 'The Life and Times of Sir Walter Raleigh' as the 2018 Gala Week theme 

On The Green at the Fairlynch stall museum volunteers, with 'Sir Walter's' help,  sold Tudor-style biscuits and cakes decorated with the Raleigh coat of arms.  


Saturday 26 May: Budleigh Salterton 2018 Gala Week's jazz premiere for 'Raleigh's Relish' 

'Sir Walter' was delighted to meet Budleigh jazz musician Pat Brandon who had composed a piece entitled 'Raleigh's Relish' for a concert that evening.


Saturday 26 May Budleigh Salterton beach
Raleigh 400 in pebble art 

The pebble-building competition is an annual feature of Gala Week and the 2018 entries on a Raleigh 400 theme showed some inventive thinking  as you can see here.  

More pictures at 


Saturday 26 May, Budleigh Salterton 
Imagining Sir Walter at Budleigh's Brook Gallery

Shops in Budleigh Salterton played their part in window displays echoing the Gala Week theme, including the town's Brook Gallery 



Monday 28 May The AA - and 'Sir Walter' -showed the way to Raleigh 400

This was the first time that Fairlynch Museum had promoted an exhibition using AA signs. The additional publicity proved well worthwhile.   A total of 7,500 promotional tri-fold leaflets about the Raleigh 400 exhibition at Fairlynch Museum were distributed in the local area, including 3,535 to 15 local schools.  


Mon 28 May, Fairlynch Museum, Budleigh Salterton: Raleigh 400 exhibition opened by the Lord Lieutenant of Devon, Her Majesty The Queen's representative in the County. The exhibition ran until 31 October 2018. 

The star of the show was ‘The Boyhood of Raleigh’ by Sir John Everett Millais PRA, on loan from the Tate Collection. A second Millais painting of the artist's son Everett from a private collection was also on display; it was the first time that the two paintings have been seen together. 

Among the many items which give background information to the painting are 


Monday 28 May, Fairlynch Museum: 'When the gloves were off for Raleigh.'  

Also on display was a pair of gloves from the 1590s, associated with Sir Walter Raleigh. 

You can read about the gloves at


Monday 28 May, Fairlynch Museum: Raleigh's History of the World 

The exhibition included a first edition (1614) of Raleigh's History of the World, on loan from a private collection. The book is downloadable free from the internet because, in the editor's words, 'it has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it'. 

Raleigh wrote the book while a prisoner in the Tower of London. For some people, it has contributed to his reputation as a supporter of republicanism. Oliver Cromwell admired the work; the Americans named a warship after Raleigh in 1776 during the War of Independence. 

You can


Monday 28 May, Fairlynch Museum: 
Weapons and armour from Tuckers Hall, Exeter

Period artefacts on loan from Tuckers Hall, pictured above, by kind permission of the Guild of Weavers, Tuckers and Shearmen, also formed part of the Raleigh 400 exhibition at Fairlynch. Tuckers Hall was built and has been owned by the Guild since 1471, but the earliest record of a Guild of Clothworkers in Exeter is 1459, when a dispute with the Cordwainers as to antiquity and precedence is recorded.


Monday 28 May, Fairlynch Museum: 
Elizabethan coins from a private collection 

These Elizabethan coins, from the Nigel Tucker Bequest, Woodbury Local History Society, were part of the Raleigh 400 exhibition. They were all found in fields around the nearby village of Woodbury.  


Monday 28 May, Fairlynch Museum: 
Household items of the period, on loan from the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, Exeter 

On display in Raleigh 400 at Fairlynch were items which would have been in common use in homes in the Tudor and Stuart periods, on loan from the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM), Exeter, pictured above.


Monday 28 May, Fairlynch Museum Garden: ‘Sir Walter Raleigh’ roses! 

In the Museum Garden, two 'Sir Walter Raleigh' roses grown by David Austin Roses and kindly donated by Budleigh in Bloom,  were planted by volunteers. 


Monday 28 May, Fairlynch Museum: 
A Garden Party 

The opening of the Raleigh 400 exhibition was followed by a celebration for Friends of Fairlynch and invited guests.  Raleigh 400 ale was kindly donated by Black Tor Brewery. Pictured above are David Fursdon, Lord Clinton, 'Sir Walter Raleigh', Lady Clinton, Cllr Tom Wright (Mayor of Budleigh) and Rosemary Griggs (Katherine Champernowne).
Photo by Lizzie Mee. 

Read more and see more pictures at


Monday 28 May, The Raleigh Wall on Budleigh Salterton beach 

The afternoon of Monday 28 May saw an event based on a re-enactment of ‘The Boyhood of Raleigh’ painting by Sir John Everett Millais. It involved local school children playing the part of characters in the painting, including young Walter Raleigh and his half-brother Humphrey Gilbert.  



Friday 1 June
Object of the Month: 'The Boyhood of Raleigh' by Sir John Everett Millais PRA


Saturday 2 June  Children’s RALEIGH 400 Art and Poetry Competition with a Tudor theme  

The Raleigh 400 Art and Poetry Competitions were judged  by author Graham Hurley, together with the Oculus Competition. 

Above: Michael Downes as Sir Walter Raleigh at Budleigh Salterton Library prize giving 2 June 2018 with Tom Wright Mayor of Budleigh. Left-right in front row: Evie Pengilley (5), Thomas Franklin (6), John Patterson (8), Lucy Dixon (5) and Isla Dixon (8). Back row left to right: Sir Walter Raleigh, Elsa Patterson (12), author Graham Hurley, Cllr Tom Wright. 

Information about Budleigh Salterton Library at
and on its Facebook page at


Thursday 7 June Budleigh Salterton Probus Club presented 
‘Our Great Elizabethan’, 
a talk by Michael Downes

I enjoy presenting unexpected aspects of Sir Walter to audiences, like the theory that he and members of many other leading West Country families were of Jewish origin.
Budleigh Salterton Probus Club is at


Sunday 17 June 1.00- 4.00 pm 
Brownies' Fun Day, Temple Methodist Church Hall, Budleigh Salterton 

'Sir Walter Raleigh' was invited to make a guest appearance at the event. He is pictured here with Brown Owl Eve White. 


Monday 18 June  2.00-3.00 pm St Peter's C of E Primary School, Budleigh Salterton. Back to school for 'Sir Walter'.

Thirty children from St Peter's School's Chestnut class interviewed 'Sir Walter Raleigh' in 'the hot seat' with some probing questions about his life and exploits. That was followed by an appearance at a School assembly with 330 children and teachers. 

Find out how he coped at

You can read about St Peter's School in Budleigh Salterton at



Sunday 1 July
Object of the Month: Budleigh Venture Art Group's version of 'The Boyhood of Raleigh'

Read the story of the Venture Art Group project at


Friday 6 July The Beacon C of E Primary School Exmouth

'Sir Walter' was invited to address a whole school assembly of 300 pupils at The Beacon School.  

They learnt the meaning of the word 'polymath'. Find out what else he told them at

Above: Explaining the importance of Tudor fashion for the well dressed courtier, and especially the importance of pearls, to Exmouth children 

You can read about The Beacon School at


Saturday 7 July, Christ Church, Frome, Somerset 

Above: Christ Church, Frome
Image credit: Humphrey Bolton

'Amor et virtute': was a concert based on a portrait in song of Walter Raleigh. Soprano Jane Hunt joined lutenist Din Ghani, founder of the group Musicke in the Ayre, in a programme marking the 400th anniversary of the death of Sir Walter Raleigh. As well as songs based on his poetry, they included some associated with other significant personages (Queen Elizabeth, the Earl of Essex, Prince Henry to name a few) and with the New World that he was fascinated with.
This event was part of Frome Festival
Jane Hunt's website is at


Monday 16 July  Awliscombe C of E Primary School, Honiton 

'Sir Walter' paid an afternoon visit to the school to inspect work that children were doing on their Snakes and Ladders board games, which are based on his eventful life. 

It was an extremely hot day, as you can guess from his complexion: the problems with his beard and moustache were getting worse and worse. 

You can read about the school at



Wednesday 1 August 
Object of the Month: The blue plaque on The Octagon, Fore Street, 
Budleigh Salterton


Tuesday 21 - Saturday 25 August 6.00 pm: 'From Exe to Axe'.  An original drama based on events in Raleigh's life, by Budleigh playwright Steve Andrews.

Tues 21 Hayes Barton (for an invited audience); Wed 22 Bicton College; Thurs 23 Devoncourt Hotel, Exmouth;
Fri 24 Budleigh Salterton Croquet Club, Westfield Close;
Sat 25  7 Cliff Terrace, Budleigh Salterton. 
Tickets (£10) were available from Budleigh TIC, The Card Shop Too, Budleigh or from the venues.
Proceeds from the Saturday performance went towards funding the library at St Peter's School, Budleigh Salterton. 



Monday 27 August: 12 noon - 4.00 pm 
East Budleigh's 'Sir Walter Raleigh' Street Party remembered our Devon hero in his home village


At the ‘Sir Walter Raleigh’ Street Party there were Falconry displays, performances by the Tudor Dance Group, Morris dancers and the Elizabethan Players, a Tug o' War and much jollity.  

Two 'Sir Walter's appeared, together with a 'Queen Elizabeth I'!


Monday 27: 2.00 - 4.00 pm Budleigh Salterton
'The Boyhood of Raleigh' re-enactment at The Raleigh Wall. 
Including 'Sir Walter Raleigh', the Sailor and the artist  'Sir John Millais'. 

This was an afternoon event based on the re-enactment of ‘The Boyhood of Raleigh’ painting by Sir John Everett Millais. It was a repeat of the event on Monday 28 May.  As in the previous event, it was decided that there was no reason why girls should not play the part of Walter Raleigh and/or Humphrey Gilbert. 



Fri 7 – Sat 8 The Louis Round Wilson Library, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC  USA
Sir Walter Raleigh Symposium


Saturday 8 September 
All Saints' Church, East Budleigh 
Talk on the poetry of Sir Walter Raleigh by Nick Wakeling, Head of English, Colyton Grammar School 

Local school children volunteered as readers at the event to illustrate aspects of Raleigh's work.  'Sir Walter', seen discussing the poems with one of the readers, was a special guest.

More on Raleigh's poetry at


Thursday 13 September, Fairlynch Museum, Budleigh Salterton: Group visit to the Raleigh 400 exhibition by patients from the Raleigh Surgery, Exmouth  

The group had 'a really enjoyable and interesting afternoon' wrote Practice Manager Louise Ford. 

'Sir Walter' compiled a quiz for the Patients' Group. You can see 20 questions at 
and another 20 at

The questions were used at a patients' flu clinic!

Read about the Raleigh Surgery at


Fri 14, 7.00 pm Memorial Hall, Sherborne, Dorset 
Ralegh 400 film night


Friday 14 and Saturday 15 September 
6.00 pm and 8.00 pm
The Great Hall, Winchester
A hit for 'Sir Walter’s Women' - original drama by Rachel O'Neill
Staged by Winchester-based 2TimeTheatre   Admission was free

Tuesday 18 September Fairlynch Museum, Budleigh Salterton:  A visit to the Raleigh 400 exhibition for 30 pupils from Kingfishers' class, Drake’s School, in Sir Walter's home village of East Budleigh 

Wed 19 September, 12.00 pm Temple Church, Budleigh Salterton: 
Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival and Fairlynch Museum & Arts Centre presented a talk by Anna Beer

Historian Anna Beer, pictured at Fairlynch, discussed her 2018 biography of Sir Walter Ralegh before a sell-out audience, following a visit to see the Museum's exhibition. 
Dr Beer's research has explored, to quote the UK Parliament website, 'the hidden and surprising truth about Raleigh - a swashbuckling soldier, sailor, courtier and explorer who was also a political prisoner turned radical parliamentarian.'


Fri 21 September Morning visit to Fairlynch Museum Raleigh 400 exhibition by Otterton C of E Primary School (30 pupils)


Friday 21 September: St Peter’s Preparatory School, Lympstone  

Above: (L-r) Fairlynch Museum's Education Outreach officer Lizzie Mee, Sir Walter and Head Charlotte Johnston, with pupils involved in the Raleigh 400 project

'Sir Walter Raleigh' visited St Peter's Preparatory School to tell a whole school assembly of 300 pupils about his life and achievements.  

Read more about the School at


Sat 22, 3.00-4.00 pm:  Church of St Michael and All Angels, Mount Dinham, Exeter 
Musick in the Ayre's 'Amor et virtute' concert in honour of Raleigh's 400th anniversary. 
Details about the church are at  
The programme, put together by lutenist Din Ghani, will be similar to that performed at the National Portrait Gallery in London on 23 February. 


Monday 24 September: 
Sidmouth Walking Festival visitors set out to follow in Sir Walter's early footsteps

More details at


Friday 28 September: Fairlynch Museum, Budleigh Salterton 
Group visit by Sherborne Castle volunteers

Above: Sherborne Castle guides and volunteers, welcomed by Fairlynch Museum Chairman Trevor Waddington, right.

You can read about Raleigh's association with Sherborne at


Saturday 29 September: Breeze award success for South Devon's 'Lady Katherine' 

Visitors to Raleigh 400 events at Fairlynch who met museum enthusiast Rosemary Griggs aka Lady Katherine Champernowne (Sir Walter's mother) will be pleased to learn that she was named as runner-up in The Breeze 2018 Fundraiser of the Year awards on 29 September.

The full story is at


Saturday 29 September: Budleigh Salterton's 2018 Carnival 

A 1st for Fairlynch Fancies in Budleigh's 2018 Carnival;
Sir Walter and his times inspired local groups 
Read about it at


Sun 30, 2.00 pm: Castleton Church, Sherborne 
Ralegh Guided Walk with Cindy Chant, with access to Ralegh's letter in almshouse chapel and Castleton estate
Sherborne:  Only £6.00


Mon 1, 7.30 pm: Glenorchy Church Hall, Exeter Road, Exmouth 
Exmouth Historical and Archaeological Society ‘Our Great Elizabethan’ - Talk by Michael Downes
Visitors are welcome at all meetings – entrance £2.00


Saturday 6 October, 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm: Memorial Hall, Sherborne  
Guests enjoyed a Fantastic Ralegh 400 Tudor Banquet. Costumes were welcome. Tickets were only £30 and raised money from two charities.

The full story and more photos are at



Wed 10, 2.30 pm: Sherborne  Venue to be confirmed 
Sherborne Literary Society: 'Elizabethan Poetry'

Thurs 11: Museum of Bath Architecture, Bath, Somerset
'“Amor et virtute”: a portrait in song of Walter Raleigh' 
Sopranos Jane Hunt and Philippa Neaverson join lutenist Din Ghani, founder of the group Musicke in the Ayre, in a programme marking the 400th anniversary of the death of Sir Walter Raleigh. As well as songs based on his poetry, they include some associated with other significant personages (Queen Elizabeth, the Earl of Essex, Prince Henry to name a few) and with the New World that he was fascinated with.

This is part of Musicke in the Ayre’s regular series at the Museum of Bath Architecture, and will be a duet version of the programme, with Jane Hunt and Philippa Neaverson.

Thurs 11  Sherborne Castle
Visit by The Arts Society, Budleigh Salterton

Thurs 11, 11.00 am Digby Hall, Sherborne
Sherborne Literary Society 
Talk by Maria Wingfield Digby, author of Sir Walter Raleigh (Pitkin, 2018).   Followed by Guided Walk, with access to Raleigh's letter in almshouse chapel and Castleton estate. 

Maria Wingfield Digby lives in Sherborne Castle, Sir Walter Raleigh’s home, so it is only natural that she should become intrigued with his life and exploits. Four centuries on from his execution she revisits the life of one of the Elizabethan era’s best loved characters. Through the use of the Castle’s original documents and his personal possessions she sheds a new light on this intriguing character.


Saturday 13 October, All Saints Church, East Budleigh
Sir Walter Raleigh concert with Devon Voices


Mon 22-Mon 29 Spoken, The Strand, Exmouth 
Sir Walter Raleigh cocktails

Thurs 25 October 7.00-9.00 pm North Carolina State Capitol, North Carolina USA
‘Drinks with Sir Walter Raleigh’
Read more here


Fri 26 October 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm Digby Memorial Hall, Sherborne Open lecture by Dr Anna Beer, Fellow of Kellogg College Oxford:  ‘Ralegh and Sherborne: a story of Love and Loss’ . 

Following the lecture Dr Anna Beer will sign her new book on Ralegh which will be available on the night and on sale through Winstones 
'As Sir Walter is held responsible for the uptake of tobacco in Britain, all proceeds will go to Lung Cancer Charity and the Yeatman Hospital, Sherborne'


Sat 27 October 12.00 noon – 4.00 pm North Carolina State Capitol, North Carolina USA

Above: The House of Representatives Chamber at North Carolina's State Capitol

Remembrance of Raleigh in the city which bears his name.
A formal ceremony commemorating Raleigh’s life and legacy (House of Representatives Chamber, 3.00 pm); demonstrations of Elizabethan-era life.    Free event


Sun 28 10.00 am East Budleigh, All Saints Church
Sir Walter Raleigh commemoration service

Sun 28 Exmouth, Holy Trinity Church 
Sir Walter remembered in prayers during the Sunday service.   
A floral tribute at the Raleigh window is offered by Daffodils Florist, Exmouth


Sunday 28 October 11.00 am  
St Margaret's, Westminster
A Sung Eucharist.  

The tomb of Sir Walter Raleigh in St Margaret's, Westminster

The Dean of Westminster, the Very Reverend Dr John Hall will preach. All are welcome. 

Mon 29  All Saints Church East Budleigh 
Bell ringing

Mon 29 10.00 am All Saints Church East Budleigh 
Sir Walter Raleigh Anniversary Walk 
8 miles, 4 hours plus picnic lunch
Start at East Budleigh Church CP (OS 115, SY 065 848)  
The walk will be open to everyone.
To mark the 400th anniversary of the death of Sir Walter Raleigh, this walk links places associated with his life:  East Budleigh, Hayes Barton, Bicton Common, Colaton Raleigh, along the River Otter back to East Budleigh
(For those preferring a shorter walk, buses run from Colaton Raleigh to East Budleigh at 6 minutes past the hour)
Walk Leader: Brian Turnbull, 01395 567339
Otter Valley Association - Leader: Brian Turnbull

Monday 29 October, Sir Walter Raleigh, East Budleigh
Exmouth Raleigh Rotary Club commemoration dinner  Closed event. Members only.


Monday 29 October, 10.00 am - 3.00 pm 
Room 246, Second Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU. 
A Ralegh 400 Conference/Symposium

Organisers: Carlo Bajetta* (Valle d’Aosta), Jonathan Gibson* (The Open University), Teresa Grant* (* speakers). Speakers also include Anna Beer (Kellogg College, Oxford) and Kate Bennett (Magdalen College, Oxford). Free event, all welcome. Register at  

More detail at


Mon 29 St Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey 4:00–5:30pm 
Symposium: Sir Walter Raleigh beyond England
Speakers to include: Dr Eric Klingelhofer, Emeritus Professor of History, Mercer University, Georgia, USA; Dr Beverley Straube, Curator/Archaeologist, First Colony Foundation
Tickets: To book tickets (free), visit the Eventbrite website

Mon 29 6.30 pm St Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey 
Dr Mark Nicholls, leading Raleigh scholar and author of a recent authoritative biography, will present an evening lecture on Raleigh’s life. 


Wednesday 31 October 6.00-7.30 pm The Palace of Westminster, London. Marking 400 years since the execution of Sir Walter Raleigh 

Above: Detail of 'Queen Elizabeth commissions Raleigh to sail for America, 1584' by Alfred Kingsley Lawrence, oil on canvas, 1927 (Parliamentary Art Collection, WOA 2597)

Free evening talk by Dr Anna Beer and Dr John Cooper, hosted by the House of Lords Works of Art Panel. 



Saturday 3 November, 7.00 pm 
All Saints' Church, East Budleigh
An East Budleigh song cycle in tribute to Sir Walter 

Singer-songwriter and Raleigh enthusiast Peter Spafford is touring Devon with music and words inspired by Sir Walter's poetry.  

Thurs 15 - Sun 18  The Great Hall, Winchester
'Ralegh: The Treason Trial' (Part of 'Ambitious Fiends')

Sat 24 - Fri 30  Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Shakespeare's Globe, London 
'Ralegh: The Treason Trial' (Part of 'Ambitious Fiends')

Sat 15  St Peter’s Church, Budleigh Salterton
Budleigh Salterton Male Voice Choir Concert, including a performance of ‘Sir Walter’s Lament’ (words by Michael Downes) to the tune of ‘Greensleeves’

Acton Court, Glos: exhibition
Bicton Park Botanical Gardens: Sir Walter Raleigh locomotive
Colaton Raleigh: Launch of ‘Head Off’ Sir Walter Raleigh cider
Exeter: Devon & Exeter Institution Raleigh 400 display
Exeter School: ‘Elizabethan seafarers’ Talk
Exmouth Library book display
London: Middle Temple Raleigh 400 event
Oxford: Oriel College Raleigh 400 event
Thetford, Norfolk: Raleigh Infant School
West Horsley, Surrey: The Raleigh School

Raleigh Hall, Raleigh NSW
Raleigh Public School, Raleigh NSW


Sir Walter Ralegh 400 Sherborne
The Ralegh 400 Festival is also supported by Sherborne Town Council and 'Community Matters' (Waitrose, Sherborne). 
More information from PR representative Susan Vincent 
Tel: 01935 321925 E:
Or Chairman, Bob Walden 
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  1. Shakespeare's Globe have a production Ralegh: The Treason Trial at Winchester Great Hall 16-18 November and at the Globe from 24 November


The 2018 'Lost Colony' show opens

Image courtesy of Ira David Wood III Across the Atlantic, the 2018 season of ‘The Lost Colony’ opened. Presented by the Roan...