Thursday, 5 July 2018

A still life a la Raleigh

Surfing the internet, which is something that I do rather too much, I came across some familiar words at

Familiar because I emailed the idea of a Raleigh-themed painting to Budleigh Salterton Art Club some time ago, and I'm pleased that they like the idea. 

But here's an addition: a still life! 

The Raleigh elements in the above photo are of course the bottle of excellent Raleigh 400 ale brewed by my friend Jonathan Crump at Black Tor Brewery, and also the Pommes Raleigh, a dish specially designed for Raleigh 400 by London-based food writer Rukmini Iyer.  

I'm afraid the wine is French. However Raleigh did spend as long as four years in France, fighting for the Huguenots during the awful Wars of Religion. 

And you could also add a bottle of Lily Farm Vineyard's Raleigh Brut sparkling wine to your still life.

And then enjoy a feast (with friends), having of course finished your painting. 

Below is the text as it appears on Budleigh Salterton Art Club's website.

Paintings at an Exhibition
Club members will be aware that the famous Millais painting of the "Boyhood of Raleigh" will be on display throughout the summer at Fairlynch Museum. 

A suggestion from the Museum is that as this is the 400th anniversary of Sir Walter Raleigh’s death at the Tower of London, members might like to create some Raleigh-inspired paintings, drawings or other artworks for the Art Club's Annual Exhibition in August.

In addition, the Club has been invited to display selected works of art in the Museum following the return of the Boyhood of Raleigh painting to The Tate Gallery later in the summer so we shall be looking for appropriate work to show.

Some suggestions for subjects:
Members might be on holiday in Guiana (Venezuela), Ireland, Raleigh USA, Sherborne or wherever, and if you knew of a fine view and the Raleigh connection you might think of settling down with easel – for example:

i. East Budleigh 
Hayes Barton, Vicars' Mead, a Church bench end in All Saints Church [Green Man/Red Man]
ii.  Lily Farm Vineyard (Knowle, Budleigh - which has produced a Raleigh Brut 2015 sparkling wine)
iii. Colaton Raleigh - Place Court, where Raleigh supposedly was baptised.
iv.  Lympstone (birthplace - it is thought by some - of Sir Ralph Lane, Governor of Raleigh's Roanoke colony),  

Exeter Martyrs Memorial (St Leonards) which shows the burning of Protestant martyr Agnes Prest. It's an event which supposedly deeply affected Walter's mother, Katherine Champernowne.    

Elsewhere in Devon:
Dittisham - Raleigh boathouse - where he supposedly enjoyed a smoke!!
Ashburton - Exeter Inn, where he was arrested in 1603

i. Sherborne Castle (Old Castle ruins and the New Castle)
ii. Cerne Abbas village, where Raleigh was tried for atheism

Acton Court (Iron Acton, Glos - which inspired Hilary Mantel and also welcomed, so they say, Queen Elizabeth I & Raleigh)

Oxford - Oriel College  

i. Tower of London, where Raleigh was a prisoner for 13 years
ii. Middle Temple, where he was a pupil 

Petworth - where they have the Molyneux globe reputedly given by Raleigh to the Earl of Northumberland)

Elizabeth Castle, where he was Govenor

Youghal - Myrtle Grove. He was Mayor of the town, where there is a Raleigh Quarter  

Roanoke Island NC
Raleigh NC - statue of Raleigh  

Plus of course versions of the Millais painting, which could be used in so many ways, including cartoons, adverts for Guinness etc

Plenty of choice! A chance to create something a little different and even have some fun with a cartoon or two. And remember there are awards to be won at the August Exhibition so it's always worth submitting your work. Have fun.


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