Monday, 8 January 2018

A Clay Pipes Talk in Lympstone


Clay pipes? Maybe not a subject that fires up many people, especially in an anti-smoking age, but in this year of Sir Walter’s anniversary I’m finding many areas where my interest is unexpectedly sparked.  

It seems only right to publicise Charlotte Coles’ talk especially as I recall a corner of our Fairlynch Museum exhibition, showing some of our rather fine clay pipes, where the question is asked: ‘Did smoking kill Sir Walter Ralegh?’

Charlotte is an osteoarchaeologist who has been working in commercial archaeology for 10 years. She a master’s degree in Osteoarchaeology from Bournemouth University and carries out animal and human bone analysis as well as archiving and reporting on finds, working on a freelance basis for a variety of employers including Exeter City Council.  

The talk is presented by Lympstone History Society on Thursday 22 February at 7.30 pm in the Methodist Hall, Chapel Road in Lympstone. Entry is £3.50 for members or £4.00 for non-members, with refreshments included. Smokers and non-smokers welcome! 

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