Friday, 23 November 2018

Of Raleigh and rums

If you want to make your own Sir Walter Raleigh cocktail, take a look at Professor Chad Wilson's suggestion at

Ideally, I suppose, it should be made with Sir Walter Raleigh rum, produced for a firm called REAL CARIBBEAN TREASURES by Alcoholes y Rones de Panamá, S.A. 

I see that its office is in Venezuela - or 'Guyana' as Sir Walter would have known that country

One of the most prestigious rums in the world, also made in that part of the world, is named El Dorado, made by Demerara Distillers Limited and described as 'the liquid gold of Guyana', at prices to match.

I've yet to try it. 

31 Dec 2018: PS. I did splash out on a bottle of El Dorado rum for my birthday. Excellent! First time I'd tasted rum actually, and I'll be back for more. Might even try making the cocktail. 


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