Wednesday, 24 October 2018

'Sir Walter' at Awliscombe School

Awliscombe C of E Primary School is not exactly on the doorstep of Fairlynch Museum, being a few miles north of Honiton and 20 miles from Budleigh Salterton. But something that they'd heard about the Museum must have intrigued them back in July 2013 because a party of 60 children made a special journey to Fairlynch to celebrate their end of term. 

And someone at the school must have had good memories of the experience because our invitation to make a Raleigh board game as part of the Raleigh 400 education programme
was warmly welcomed. 

And of course 'Sir Walter' was invited to see the progress that the children had been making.  He graciously accepted. 

The visit was yet another enjoyable experience to see the children's enthusiasm.  

There was only one problem. It was yet another very hot day - as you can see from the poor man's red face - and that false beard simply would not stay put. So embarrassing when the children pointed this out! 

'Sir Walter' has now found a natural solution to the problem. 


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